3 biggest revenge games on the Denver Broncos 2024 schedule

These are the three obvious revenge games on the Broncos schedule for 2024.
New York Jets v Denver Broncos
New York Jets v Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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The Denver Broncos are going to have multiple opportunities to get some good, old-fashioned revenge against a few of their opponents in 2024. There are revenge matchups everywhere you look in the NFL, and they're quite fun. The Denver Broncos will have a few that stand out as being the most obvious on their 2024 schedule.

Here is their leaked 2024 schedule, but leaks can be wrong, so this may not be the guaranteed slate of games for the Broncos in 2024:

Let's weed out the three revenge games on their 2024 schedule.

3 biggest revenge games on the Denver Broncos 2024 schedule

Broncos @ New York Jets

This is an obvious one, as there are actually a few roster connections here as well. The most obvious piece of the revenge pie here is Nathaniel Hackett still being on the New York Jets sideline. When Hackett was fired by the Broncos during his first season on the job, he somehow landed the Jets offensive coordinator job that next offseason.

But it's clear that the Jets hired him to lure Aaron Rodgers to town, and it worked. Well, with both Hackett and Rodgers in the picture, the revenge is still there, as Broncos own head coach Sean Payton had some not-so-nice things to say about the Jets before the 2023 NFL Season kicked off, and while he was crushed for those comments, they were 100% correct.

Denver losing to the Jets in 2023 did not help either. But roster-wise, two former Jets from 2023 are now on the Broncos in QB Zach Wilson and QB John Franklin-Myers, who were both acquired for late-round picks.