3 big regrets the Denver Broncos should have in 2023

Even though the team is surging, they most definitely should regret a few things in 2023.

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The Denver Broncos should be regretting not doing more along the defensive front

Again, I get that the defense has really come into form and has played elite ball over the last month, but man, this unit still has some issues. The run defense is still pretty poor, and the pass rush is not that consistent. One of the biggest issues I had with the Broncos offseason was them not doing nearly enough along the defensive front.

The Zach Allen signing isn't a net positive to me since Dre'Mont Jones left in free agency. The team filled out the depth along the DL, but missed out on several chances to provide a boost to the unit. They also signed Frank Clark who was a 4-3 defensive end to be an OLB for the Broncos. That proved to be a disaster.

Clark was cut several weeks ago. The team also saw Randy Gregory get taken over in the depth chart, so he got shipped out of town. Right now, the Broncos don't have an elite disruptor up front, and if this team plans on remaining in the playoff contention late in the season, they'll need to win in the trenches.


At home point, Denver needs to get their own version of Chris Jones, TJ Watt, Danielle Hunter, Micah Parsons, etc. Right now, they have a slew of good players, but nothing more, really. I think if the Broncos could go back to the 2023 offseason and have a do-over, they'd have prioritized the defensive line more.