3 best-case scenarios for the Denver Broncos in Week 3

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The Denver Broncos head to South Beach 0-2 after dropping their first two games of the year at home. The Broncos' offense has shined so far, but the defensive side of the ball has struggled, and their struggles hit a head in the second half of their loss to the Commanders. The Broncos desperately need to pull out a win on Sunday in Miami and avoid dropping to 0-3, a mark that seems almost impossible to come back from.

With that being said, here are three best case scenarios for the Broncos in Week 3.

3 best-case scenarios for the Denver Broncos vs. Dolphins

1) Win

*Sigh*, the Broncos are 0-2 and do not seem to be heading toward a playoff spot, or even just a winning season. The Broncos have lost two games so far by a combined three points, but their overall losing efforts feel much worse than an average defeat of 1.5 points. The Broncos offense has been one of the more consistent units in football so far but has shown no ability to break out big plays in three of their four halves of football, not counting the Brandon Johnson Hail Mary as a drawn-up and expected big play.

Russell Wilson is currently sitting in the top-10 quarterbacks in football by QBR, but his two turnovers in the second half of week two more than contributed to the offense's downfalls late in the game, and ultimately a losing effort.

The Broncos' defense only allowed 17 points in week one, but they did not sack the Raiders and allowed their 17 points in 7 drives, a not-great rate of points allowed. The Broncos then struggled again in the second half of week two. However, their first half was a strong one: they were consistently in the backfield, limiting the run game, and getting pressure on the Commanders offensive line and young quarterback Sam Howell, resulting in some negative plays out of Washington.

However, this would last only a quarter, as the Washington offense exploded in the second half, and ultimately went on to knock off the Broncos in a stunning, and disheartening, comeback victory that might have changed the trajectory of the Broncos' season. The best thing the Broncos can do in week three is win.