3 2024 NFL Draft prospects the Denver Broncos must stay away from

The Denver Broncos must stay away from these three NFL Draft prospects.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Broncos are hurting at some of the most important positions on an NFL roster, so that should force them to simply look at the other with other positions. The Broncos entered the 2024 offseason with one of the worst defensive fronts in football, and will now enter the 2024 NFL Draft with one of the worst defensive fronts in football.

Besides the obvious hole at QB, Denver's DL is flat-out embarrassing, and they could also use some help on offense at wide receiver and tight end. This also means that other positions on the roster simply should not be prioritized early, and beyond that, there are some 2024 NFL Draft prospects that Denver should simply stay away from.

1. Any defensive back in the first round

No. No. Just no. The last thing this franchise needs to be doing is taking a defensive back in the first round. It makes no sense, and it's not how an NFL team is properly built. The Broncos taking a DB in the first round would be like if you had your bathroom remodeled while your water heater sits in the basement all busted up.

Terrion Arnold, Kool-Aid McKinstry, Quinyon Mitchell, and Cooper DeJean all figure to hear their names called within the first 32 picks, and the Broncos should stay far away. Them beefing up the DL is way more important, and oh yeah, they need a franchise QB as well.

2. Keon Coleman, WR, Florida State

Someone who could fill a position of need for the Denver Broncos is Keon Coleman, a wide receiver from Florida State. However, while Coleman is a big-bodied target, virtually the same size as Courtland Sutton, he struggles to generate separation, and that, to me, is enough to pass. He's got the circus-catch gene in him, much like Sutton does, but one of the single most important things an NFL-caliber wide receiver needs to do is to separate enough to eke out a role in a passing offense.

For Coleman, that seems to be one of his worst traits, and with how deep this WR class is, the Broncos can save themselves the trouble and look elsewhere.

3. T'Vondre Sweat, DT, Texas

One of the better prospects along the defensive front in this year's draft is T'Vondre Sweat, a 6'4", 366lb defensive tackle from Texas. While Sweat is truly a space-eater, he isn't explosive off the snap and isn't going to provide an interior pass rush, so there's one knock right there. Furthermore, Sweat just had a run-in with the law and could be facing a DWI charge.

A serious off-field issue like this should completely remove him from the Denver Broncos draft board. If Sweat cannot stay out of trouble during the most important stretch of his football career, who's to say that would stop in the NFL?