2024 Denver Broncos Mock Draft: It's time for a new QB

Do the Denver Broncos land their next franchise QB in 2024?

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The Denver Broncos have a great opportunity in the 2024 NFL Draft to find their next great franchise quarterback. Let's cook up a mock draft that features a high-profile QB. I am slowly being convinced that the Denver Broncos could make two major QB moves next offseason. Well, three if you count the eventual cutting of Russell Wilson.

Broncos Twitter legend XanB21 is very popular among those who frequent the site, and he seems to be on board with a certain quarterback room in 2024 that features another cut candidate in Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy Garoppolo is a conversation for another day, but if the Broncos want to upgrade their bridge QB, Garoppolo could make sense if he is cut by the Las Vegas Raiders.

Well, even if Denver does improve their backup/bridge QB situation, they still need to find their franchiser, and they do just that in this 2024 NFL Mock Draft.

2024 Broncos Mock Draft: It's time for a new QB
14th Overall - JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan

The Denver Broncos end up picking 14th overall and land their next franchise QB in JJ McCarthy from Michigan. McCarthy is just 21 years old when April's draft rolls around and has a lot of enticing qualities to be a starting QB in the NFL. During his tenure with Michigan, he's tossed 49 touchdowns against 11 interceptions.

His completion percentage is also 73.2% this year, so he's proven to be a very efficient passer. He is a bit lean, but his 6'3" height is just fine. A potential QB room of Jimmy Garoppolo and JJ McCarthy in 2024 could be just what the Broncos need.