2 keys for Denver Broncos to beat Buffalo Bills in Week 10

Can the Broncos beat the Bills in Primetime? Yes, and here is how...

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

The bye week is over, and the Denver Broncos are back for the second half of the 2023 season. Their first game post-bye is in prime time. To be specific, it is a Monday night game against the 5-4 Buffalo Bills. Denver won against the Kansas City Chiefs in week eight, which potentially turned the season around in a positive way. With that being said, the Bills are beatable too.

Yes, the game is in Buffalo, and the Bills are coming off a loss, but if Sean Payton executes a good game plan like he did against Kansas City, Denver can definitely be 4-5 after this upcoming game.

With the above being said, here are my main keys to how the Broncos can beat the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football ...

1. Take control of the game clock:

Denver took control of the game clock against the Kansas City Chiefs in week 8, and against the Buffalo Bills, you must do the same in order to have Josh Allen and company on the sidelines. The last two games have been the best, statistically, in rushing, so why not continue to commit to the running game?

Buffalo's defense has been bad against running backs this year overall. To be specific, their defense is ranked 19th against running backs. They have allowed an average of 88.33 rushing yards per game, 85+ rushing yards allowed in five of the nine games they have played, and 105+ yards in four out of those five (166 vs Jets - week 1, 110 vs Dolphins - week 4, 144 vs Jaguars - week 5, 108 vs Giants - week 6).

Javonte Williams' workload is increasing and increasing week by week. Jaleel McLaughlin has had important carries. A good one-two running back tandem for the Broncos, that can help your offense not only to win yards but to eat the clock, which is the important thing here.

2. Defensive pressure and turnovers:

Josh Allen co-leads the NFL in interceptions with nine. The Broncos have had at least one interception in their last five games. They have also had 5 fumble recoveries in the past five games.


Josh Allen is great at scrambling, so the Broncos must pressure him the entire game. Denver edge rushers are young and athletic to pressure Josh as much as they can. If they put good pressure, he will not be able to scramble as he usually does, which can lead to him throwing bad passes, that can end up in interceptions. The Broncos constantly pressured Mahomes, and they ended up forcing four turnovers. Why not do the same against Josh Allen?

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