10 underrated moves the Denver Broncos made in 2023 offseason

- Keeping a key assistant coach

- A trade the Broncos snuck in during the NFL Draft

- Stealing from the Chiefs

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9. Getting Sean Payton as HC remains underrated

It's going to feel like this is a reach immediately because the Denver Broncos trading for and hiring Sean Payton was one of the biggest pieces of news of the entire 2023 NFL offseason.

How could this possibly be underrated?

I don't think it's being discussed enough just how significant it is that the Denver Broncos were able to get Payton in the building. This is one of the winningest head coaches in NFL history. Just to paint a picture, Payton has averaged 11 wins per 17 games coached over the course of his career from 2006-2021 with the New Orleans Saints. Payton's teams were consistently dominant on offense, ranking in the top 10 in points scored virtually on an annual basis.

He succeeded in different eras of football. He and Drew Brees became one of the most prolific head coach/quarterback combinations in an era of offense which was dominated by the quarterback. He is one of just a handful of head coaches who have actually won the Super Bowl.

Payton's Saints were consistently in the thick of things come January and a couple of really unlucky situations in Payton's final five years with the team resulted in historic heartbreak (penalty not called vs. Rams, overtime vs. Vikings, Minneapolis Miracle, etc.).

Getting Payton in Denver is like the head coach version of the Broncos signing Peyton Manning back in 2012. This is such a huge move for the organization and can't be overstated.