10 reasons the Denver Broncos can win 10 games in 2023

The Denver Broncos 2023 season is upon us, and the team is in a great position to win double-digit games this year.

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9. The Denver Broncos schedule has more beneficial aspects to it

I've touched on the fact that the Denver Broncos have a bye week in the middle of the season, which I personally believe is the best time to have the break. There are a few more aspects of the schedule that I think are nice.

Another benefit is that Denver has nine home games this year. Obviously, with a 17-game season, not all 32 teams will get nine home games. I assume that would alternate each year. But for this year at least, Denver plays at Mile High nine times, which is lovely. The fans should be ready to rock 'n roll.

One thing that I have just picked up on this schedule is that Denver has just two non-Sunday games, and from weeks 11-18, they play on Sunday each week. I find that to be a nice benefit, as their game schedule isn't all over the place. Some more contending teams might have a plethora of prime-time slots, which aren't always great to have.

We always see the same few teams play on Thanksgiving, for the most part, and Denver doesn't seem to have some sort of weirdly scheduled game in 2023, which I find to be a benefit. They also do not play an international game. They did last year against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Some may disagree with this last point, but I also think Denver does not have a super tough schedule or a super tough stretch of games at any point in the season. In fact, depending on where you look, the Denver Broncos have the easiest schedule in the AFC West, which will most definitely come in handy.

I think the Broncos got a solid deal with their schedule in 2023.

10. The Denver Broncos have the necessary infrastructure in place to be successful

When you consider the totality of the Denver Broncos organization, from the ownership, front office, coaching, and roster, the Broncos are in a better place than many, many teams. To me, this franchise is well-equipped to be a winning team in 2023 and beyond. I trust the new "Walmart" ownership group to continually provide the necessary resources to foster a successful team.


I trust that George Paton and Sean Payton can continue to work well together, and even if Paton finds himself no longer the GM, I trust that Sean Payton will surround himself with the right people to make the tough roster decisions. I also trust that the Broncos will trot out a competitive roster each and every week. To me, the team does have a good enough roster to make the postseason in 2023 and win 10 games.

I think from top to bottom, the Broncos are in a very good spot. That will go a long way in any season.

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