10 reasons the Denver Broncos can win 10 games in 2023

The Denver Broncos 2023 season is upon us, and the team is in a great position to win double-digit games this year.

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5. The Denver Broncos have a shutdown cornerback in Patrick Surtain II

in today's NFL, it's an objective fact that teams need to be strong in the secondary if they want to win. Plain and simple. Teams don't make it far into the playoffs, or make the playoffs at all, without being talented in the defensive backfield. The NFL is a pass-first league, so teams need to counter that in some way.

Well, fortunately, the Denver Broncos have the best CB in football in Patrick Surtain II and the best safety in football in Justin Simmons, who tied for the league lead in interceptions last season even though he played in just 12 games. Denver has had a talented secondary for years, and 2023 should be no different.

6. The Denver Broncos have a well-timed bye week

I think one underrated aspect of the Denver Broncos' schedule in 2023 is their bye week, which comes in week nine after the team plays their first eight games. So, the team does not have a bye week very early in the season nor do they have it very late in the season. I think it's great that it's right in the middle, and it also coincides right at the time of the NFL trade deadline.

So, if the Broncos are, let's say, 5-3 at the bye week, they may be motivated to add a player or two at the deadline. Fortunately, they're on their bye week at this time, so those potential new additions will have that bye week to get acclimated on their new team. I think this is a sneaky-good benefit of the Denver Broncos' schedule in 2023.