10 players who looked weird in a Denver Broncos uniform

The Denver Broncos have had some big-name players on their roster through the years who simply looked weird in the team's uniform.

Cincinnati Bengals v Denver Broncos
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Through the years, the Denver Broncos have acquired a number of players through free agency or trades who have simply looked weird in the team's uniform. There are just some players who, when you think of them, you picture them with certain teams and it's almost impossible to try and imagine them with anyone else.

There may even be some NFL legends you didn't realize wore the orange and blue at one point or another.

From NFL legends to simply some big-name players, let's take a look at 10 players who just flat-out looked weird in Denver Broncos uniforms.

10 players who look plain weird in Denver Broncos uniforms

1. Jamaal Charles, RB (2017)

There is absolutely no question that Jamaal Charles suiting up for the Denver Broncos was one of the weirdest things to happen to the organization in the last 10 years. Charles, a longtime Kansas City Chiefs superstar running back, came to Denver in the 2017 season just two years after the Broncos won Super Bowl 50.

Actually, the 2017 season ended up being the Broncos' first losing season of the 2010s since 2010. Charles played in 14 games for the Broncos, scoring a touchdown and running for 296 yards. Even after finishing his career with 14 games in Denver and two in Jacksonville where he averaged four yards per carry, Charles' NFL career yards per carry average still sits at 5.4, the best for any running back in modern NFL history.

2. Jerry Rice, WR (2005)

Yes, for a brief moment, this actually happened. After a Hall of Fame career with the 49ers and Raiders, Jerry Rice bounced around for a bit in the mid-2000s. First, he spent some time with the Seattle Seahawks. Actually, unlike with the Denver Broncos, Jerry Rice actually played in Seattle and averaged over 14 yards per reception with three touchdowns at the age of 42.

Jerry Rice, Mike Adams
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Rice played in the preseason for Denver before ultimately deciding to retire before the 2005 season. Crazy story as well, I was actually at training camp in 2005 as a high school student, and I was on the sideline marveling at Jerry Rice in a Denver Broncos uniform. He ran a route to the sideline right by where I was standing, caught a pass, and after toe-tapping on the sideline I could have reached out and hugged him he was so close.

Instead, I opted to continue watching practice and not get thrown out. But it was amazing to be that close to such a giant NFL legend.