10 most devastating Denver Broncos moments since 2010

Are these the most brutal and devastating Broncos moments since 2010?
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8. Last-second loss to the Houston Texans during 2023 season

Riding a five-game winning streak, the Denver Broncos came into Houston with a chance to extend their streak to six games and get even deeper into the AFC playoff hunt. Well, while the Texans seemed to dominate most of the game, the Broncos did make a late-push, and Russell Wilson's endzone interception with seconds on the clock was like ripping your own heart out. It was still third down and goal at the time, so Denver would have had one more shot.

It was Wilson's third pick of the game, and had the Broncos been able to score here, they'd have improved to 7-5, perhaps giving them the fuel they needed for the stretch run.

7. 2014 Divisional Round loss to the Indianapolis Colts

Did the Colts have any business winning this game? No, no they did not, but it happened. The veteran Broncos earned a bye week during the 2014 NFL Season and hosted the young, upstart Colts who were enjoying the young career explosion by Andrew Luck. Well, the Broncos lost by 11 points in a shocking and just painful game.

This was the season after then-GM John Elway went crazy in free agency, signing DeMarcus Ware, TJ Ward, and Aqib Talib.