10 more moves the Denver Broncos should make before the 2024 NFL Season

The Denver Broncos should make more moves.
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8. Make a splash move for Tee Higgins if the price is right

And if the team could trade Courtland Sutton for a third-round pick, they should pivot to Tee Higgins, who is seeking a long-term deal from the Cincinnai Bengals and doesn't appear to be getting one. It's a tough situation for Higgins, who was in and out of the lineup in 2023 with injuries. Higgins has played sidekick to stud WR Ja'Marr Chase, so even though he's a true WR1 in this league, he hasn't gotten the WR1 volume.

Sliding Higgins into this lineup with Marvin Mims Jr, Troy Franklin, Tim Patrick, and Josh Reynolds, would finally give the Denver Broncos a legitimate, high-end WR room in the NFL. It'd be a fun move and would make life that much easier for Bo Nix.

9. Extend OG Quinn Meinerz

A top-five guard in the NFL, there is no reason to not extend Quinn Meinerz. He's the Denver Broncos best offensive lineman, and the Broncos still do have a top-10 OL on paper. Even with Garett Bolles, Ben Powers, and Mike McGlinchey on huge deals, Meinerz should still get a rich one.

This might be a situation where Denver doesn't want to have four big contracts along the OL, so perhaps they'd extend Meinerz and part with Bolles in some way. I'm just spit-balling here. Investing that much money into the OL might be a bit overkill.

But nonetheless, he needs to be extended.

10. Extend CB Patrick Surtain II

Yeah, this is an easy one. He's the best defensive back in the NFL and should eventually sign a four-ish year deal worth around $25 million per year. If we saw the Denver Broncos fork over a four-year, $100 million deal, I'd not be surprised. He isn't going to be traded at this point, so that ship has sailed.

Surtain is the anchor to this secondary, but the unit did struggle in 2023. However, there were issues all across the defense, so it's not like Surtain played poorly or anything. Plus, who would truly be against extending Surtain? It'd be an easy move, and the Broncos forking over tens of millions of dollars to retain their best player is a good thing.