10 former Broncos who annoyingly played great on other teams in 2023

The ones that got away...some former Broncos players who played great elsewhere in 2023

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You never want to dwell on the ones that got away, but you can't help but watch them do well, either. The 2023 season was a fascinating season when it comes to watching former Denver Broncos players, both in terms of the ones that failed elsewhere and the ones that did really well. It was a loaded mixed bag and certainly had Broncos Country full of mixed emotions.

There are some former Broncos you root for, and others you simply can't help but root against. Either way, seeing other guys have success outside of Denver is always a little bit annoying for the fan base due to the fact that these could be the ones who got away.

Which former Broncos (annoyingly) played really well for other NFL teams in 2023? Let's look at a bunch of different players.

1. Joe Flacco, QB, Cleveland Browns

The breakthrough of Joe Flacco in his stint with the Cleveland Browns this season is nothing short of hysterical. You can't help but be slightly annoyed by it while simultaneously being just absolutely blown away.

Flacco helped the Cleveland Browns clinch a playoff spot in 2023, averaging almost 325 passing yards per game in the process. He's slinging the ball around the yard literally like never before in his NFL career and the Browns' offense clicked with Flacco at the helm.

It was truly an impressive resurgence for the former Denver Broncos starter, a guy who John Elway infamously said was just coming into his "prime" when the team acquired him back in 2019. Maybe Elway was right, after all...