10 biggest trade mistakes for the Denver Broncos in franchise history

- The Russell Wilson trade?

- The worst draft day trade ever?

- Destroying the team from 2009-2010

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The Denver Broncos have made some of the best trades in NFL history (or worst, depending on which seat you're sitting in) and they've also made some head-scratching moves through the years. Some trade mistakes have bigger consequences than others. Whether you're talking about giving up substantial NFL Draft capital to acquire a player or trading off a good player for draft picks, mistakes come in all shapes and sizes.

And the mistakes the Denver Broncos have made through the years include deals that didn't quite get made.

10 of the worst trade mistakes in Denver Broncos history

10. The Russell Wilson trade? (TBD)

I feel obligated to include this move on the list, even though you should put a huge asterisk next to it. The early returns on the Russell Wilson trade have not been good. The Denver Broncos were abysmal in 2022 and Wilson was obviously at the center of it all. When the Broncos traded multiple first-round picks, multiple second-round picks, and three quality players to acquire Wilson, everyone was expecting the guy to play like a franchise QB.

He did not. Fortunately for the Broncos and for Russell Wilson, the rest of this story is yet to be written. Make no mistake, this trade could end up moving to the no. 1 spot on the list in time, but I think it's way over the top and far too hyperbolic to already be labeling this the worst trade in NFL history as some people have.

But there's no doubt that the Denver Broncos gave up a ton for Russell Wilson in 2022-23. The Seattle Seahawks have really reloaded their roster thanks to those additional selections, while the Broncos have had to make due in other ways. Still, I think what leaves the worst taste in everyone's mouths about this move was the deal Wilson received last offseason before ever playing a down in Denver. Instead of waiting to see how things would go, the Broncos gave Wilson a mammoth $245 million deal, the biggest in franchise history.

If Wilson can't rebound in 2023, this will go down as probably the worst trade and subsequent contract in NFL history. Nobody wants to see that happen.