Denver Broncos still have one last chance in 2022

Denver Broncos (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Denver Broncos’ 2022 season is on life support after nine games, but there still appears to be a very small glimmer of hope left.  I can remember in just about every year of the post-Manning era, the Broncos found themselves with a golden opportunity in front of them only to not take advantage of it.

It seems like that has been the theme each year since The Sheriff retired.  The 2022 season has gone about as poorly as one could have possibly imagined.  Many of us expected Denver to be 6-3 at this point in the season.  However, being 3-6 it was just nothing I could have even begun to consider.

Even some of the people across the NFL landscape who were lower on the Broncos still thought they could have put together a winning season.  There are still eight games left, but things are just about over.  However, these next two weeks present Denver with an excellent chance to yet again shoot some life into the season.

Denver faces the Raiders on Sunday.  Somehow, the Raiders’ season has gone worse than the Broncos’ under first-year head coach Josh McDaniels.  Their next game is against the Panthers, a team who already fired their head coach and who is primed to have one of the top selections in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Both teams are extremely weak and very beatable.  However, both Las Vegas and Carolina likely think the same of the Broncos.  If Denver can string together wins in the next two weeks, against perhaps the only two teams who are worse than the Broncos, they would find themselves at 5-6.

Obviously, that’s not a good record, but it gives them a glimmer of hope over the last six games.  Going into the season, many of us looked at Denver’s last chunk of games as incredibly difficult.  Over the last six games, Denver plays the Ravens, Chiefs twice, Cardinals, Rams, and Chargers.

Well, the Ravens and Chiefs are good, as usual, but the Cardinals and Rams have severely underperformed this year, and the Chargers have not lived up to being the offseason Super Bowl champions.

Once again I am not saying that the Denver Broncos are going to take advantage of this chance in front of them, but there is a path to get back to some semblance of winning.