The Denver Broncos’ tight ends are missing so far in 2022

Denver Broncos, Albert Okwuegbunam - Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos, Albert Okwuegbunam - Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports /

The Denver Broncos offense has been less than ideal through two games, and the production from the tight end unit has been virtually nonexistent.  When Noah Fant was sent to the Seattle Seahawks to help land Russell Wilson, the tight end became a position of need for the Denver Broncos.

In response, the team drafted Greg Dulcich in the 2022 NFL Draft, but he hasn’t been healthy and has not suited up for a game.  The team also brought in Eric Tomlinson to serve as a blocking tight end.  The others on the roster include Eric Saubert, Andrew Beck, and Albert Okwuegbunam, who many were projecting to break out.

Denver Broncos tight end position has been an issue so far

I know it’s early, but it’s clear that the tight end position hasn’t given the Broncos very much in 2022.  If we combine all of their numbers together, they’ve collectively hauled in nine catches for 119 yards and a touchdown.

Sure, it’s not nothing, but I’m not sure there’s much to excite the fanbase and worry opposing teams with this unit.  Tomlinson is 30 and is not a receiving threat.  Eric Saubert is 28 and has bounced around a few teams, and Andrew Beck is 26 and has been a depth piece for Denver for a few years.

Albert Okwuegbunam was an OK prospect coming out of college back in 2020.  It does take a few years for tight ends to put it together, but he was rather quiet during the offseason.  And sure, the team may not get much production from Greg Dulcich at all this year, so perhaps 2023 would be a fairer assessment of this group.

However, at the present, I don’t think it’s nearly good enough, and I think the Denver Broncos should sign a true threat at the position.  One player that is still available that I would love for the team to consider signing is Jared Cook.

Cook is 35 years old and has over 7,000 receiving yards at the position.  He’s a monster with insane athletic ability and speed and has caught 45 career touchdown passes.  Most recently, he spent 2021 with the Chargers, where he hauled in 48 receptions for 564 yards and four touchdowns.

He’d give Denver another pass catcher and could help fill the void left by Tim Patrick.  The Broncos tight end room is underwhelming, but Jared Cook could help fix that.