Denver Broncos top five plays from Week 1 vs. Seahawks

Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy - Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy - Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

Even in a loss, there were some fantastic moments for the Denver Broncos when they took on the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night. What were the top five plays?

Let’s take a look.

5. Courtland Sutton catch and run

With the time winding down in the first half, the Denver Broncos were down 10 points. Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos had the football almost at midfield, on 3rd and 8.

Courtland Sutton had what was probably his best play of the day. As Wilson was sitting back in the pocket, hopping around, the offensive line held up well. Russell Wilson continued to move around and look for someone to create some space or find a soft spot in the zone.

That was when Courtland Sutton found a soft spot well beyond the sticks. After Sutton caught the pass, he fakes inside and hopped back out, and picked up another handful of yards which ultimately ended up being his biggest play of the day.

Courtland Sutton ended the day with four receptions for 72 yards, none bigger than the aforementioned that put the Denver Broncos in field goal range. This play helped Brandon McManus knock in a field goal right before the half to knock the Seattle Seahawks’ lead down to 17-13.

4. Randy Gregory makes his first big play with the Denver Broncos

Patrick Surtain II and the Denver Broncos did a fantastic job of keeping D.K. Metcalf in check Monday night. In this play, in particular, Ronald Darby was in coverage on D.K. Metcalf.

After a short reception, Darby grabbed ahold of the leg of the much larger Metcalf, K’wuan Williams swarmed and started wrestling him to the ground, but it was Randy Gregory who ended it. Gregory never stopped pursuing this play and his hustle paid the ultimate reward.

Honestly, I did not see Gregory in the picture, he came out of nowhere. Gregory came in from behind Metcalf and had a strong rip at the football from behind, jarring it loose before Metcalf hit the ground.

Justin Simmons was there to fall on the football for the Denver Broncos, he actually got up and ran with it before being brought down. With 5:40 seconds left in the third quarter, this was a huge play at the time for the Denver Broncos.

3. Andrew Beck steals the show

This “highlight play” could really be a highlight of the first series for Andrew Beck.

In the first series for the Denver Broncos offense, Andrew Beck surpassed his output from the entire last year. He made some incredible blocks all game long, but it started with this first drive. This highlight reel catch from Andrew Beck was incredible.

Russell Wilson faked the handoff to Javonte Williams which sucked Jordyn Brooks up. Beck then stuck out on a wheel route behind Brooke, Wilson overthrew Beck, but Beck stuck his hand up and hauled in the pass on an incredible 27-yard reception.

This may end up being the play of Andrew Beck’s career.

Shoutout to Andrew Beck, a guy who was written off, but never wrote back. All Beck did was block his tail off and have two receptions of 26+ yards.

2. Bradley Chubb gets a pair of sacks

Bradley Chubb provided the heat in the second half of the battle with the Seattle Seahawks. His first sack came with 13:50 left in the fourth quarter. Not only did VChubb get his first sack of the season, but he also got his first forced fumble.

Somehow the ball popped right into the hands of Charles Cross, who Bradley Chubb then tackled. This was on the 2nd and 8, but the sack forced the Seahawks into 1 3rd and 16, which they would not convert.

Bradley Chubb was not finished.

His second sack of the game came with just under five minutes to play in the fourth quarter. This play seemed like it was going to spark the comeback, but ultimately it fell short. On 3rd and 6, Bradley Chubb sacked Geno Smith for a 10-yard loss that forced another Seattle Seahawks punt and gave the Denver Broncos another shot for a comeback.

Bradley Chubb looked like the old Bradley Chubb, if he can continue to play the way he did in the second half, the Denver Broncos’ pass rush will be tough to handle.

1. Jerry freaking Jeudy

In the first game of the season, Jerry Jeudy did something he did not do all of last, score a touchdown. His 67-yard touchdown reception that gave the Denver Broncos was electrifying, it was what Broncos Country has been begging to see from the incredibly talented third-year receiver.

On this touchdown, Jedudy zipped by rookie Coby Bryant and then had to moss him once the pass was underthrown. Jeudy took the ball, he didn’t wait for it, he then shoved Bryant to the ground and raced past the incoming defender, high stepping his way into the endzone.

What a moment this was for everyone involved.

If the Denver Broncos can get this type of play from Jerry Jeudy, the offense will be dangerous. Jerry Jeudy is a special talent if utilized. His talents and ability to move in space were on display for the 19.85 million viewers who tuned into Monday Night’s showdown.