Denver Broncos’ Jerry Jeudy has a huge responsibility in 2022

Denver Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

With wide receiver Tim Patrick out for the reason, Denver Broncos’ third-year man Jerry Jeudy has a huge responsibility in 2022 to perform.

Jerry Jeudy was an insanely talented wide receiver prospect and was mostly thought of as the best wide receiver of the 2020 class, which was regarded as one of the best, ever.  Now, in year three for the Denver Broncos, he needs to show it.

Tim Patrick tearing his ACL is an incredibly unfortunate thing, but these types of injuries happen every year, and other teams will be going through similar things at some point.

We know that Patrick is gone for the year–that can’t be changed.  He won’t return even if Denver makes a deep playoff run, so the team is now needing to retool their offense a bit and plan without Patrick.

Courtland Sutton is the clearcut WR1 on the Broncos.  He’s the clear top target and will likely lead the team in most receiving categories in 2022.

However, with Sutton, Patrick, and Jeudy in play, that would theoretically take pressure off of Sutton, as Patrick and Jeudy are both very talented players.

Now with Patrick out, there is only one logical player who needs to step up, and that’s Jeudy himself.

Jerry Jeudy has a similar skillset to Davante Adams, and since Nathaniel Hackett is now in town, that’s what some in Broncos Country have placed on Jeudy, someone who could serve as the Davante Adams in this offense.

Jerry Jeudy has struggled with drops at times and had a bit of a statistical regression in year two, so many people already have one foot out the door on him.

With Russell Wilson now in the mix, and with Jerry Jeudy being able to separate at an elite level, Jeudy should have a big year, right?

It’s obviously no guarantee, but he now has a clear path to being the 1b to Sutton’s 1a in this offense.

Russell Wilson will get the ball to Jeudy when he’s open, and we’ve all see the videos on social media of Jeudy seemingly burning a defensive back but not getting the ball because of who was under center.

I would even go as far as to say that, with the return of Hamler, and the eventual return of Tim Patrick in 2023, Jerry Jeudy could be traded to recoup some 2023 draft capital if he does not have a season that is worth mentioning.

That may seem like a giant leap forward, but I think it’s very possible.  Jerry Jeudy and the rest of the Denver Broncos receivers now have an elite quarterback to catch passes from, so I see no reason why they can’t have big seasons.