Denver Broncos Futures: Which 2023 free agents will return for next year?

Denver Broncos defensive lineman Dre'Mont Jones. (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos defensive lineman Dre'Mont Jones. (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 11: Melvin Gordon of the Denver Broncos speaks during an interview on day 3 of SiriusXM At Super Bowl LVI on February 11, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SiriusXM ) /

Which 2023 free agents should return to the Denver Broncos?

2. Calvin Anderson OT, Melvin Gordon, RB

Two other free agents for 2023 are Calvin Anderson and Melvin Gordon.

I do not think Gordon should have been brought back.  He’ll be 30 at this time next year and might be approaching the last few years of being an effective runner.

I would have been all for Gordon returning if the team did not have Javonte Williams, who is perhaps one of the most promising young players in the NFL.

Williams should be getting the most carries of any RB on the roster, and I’m hoping Gordon doesn’t cut into that.

I do still think Gordon has a decent season.  He’ll probably be the red zone option more.  He’s also a good pass blocker and is great at catching passes out of the backfield.

He should still have a decent-sized role in the offense, but if Denver wasn’t entirely sure if they wanted to bring him back in 2022, I don’t think there’s any way he returns for 2023.

Calvin Anderson was given a one-year deal this offseason and is going to compete for the right tackle position.  I think if he wins the job, he’ll remain on the team in 2023, but if he doesn’t win the job, and Billy Turner or Tom Compton does, I don’t think he’ll return.

It seems like every year we talk about the potential of Calvin Anderson, but he’s never been able to stay on the field consistently.

I think there are better options in free agency to sign as a spot starter/swing tackle.

Prediction/Decision: Melvin Gordon – Do not keep, Calvin Anderson – Do not keep