Denver Broncos: 4 potential Kyle Fuller trades to watch for at deadline

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Denver Broncos, Kyle Fuller

Denver Broncos cornerback Kyle Fuller. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos may be active at the 2021 NFL trade deadline. Could we see the team move on from free agent CB Kyle Fuller?

When the Denver Broncos signed Kyle Fuller in the 2021 free agency period, it was a move that gave the Broncos one of the best groups of cornerbacks in the entire NFL. At least, on paper.

Fuller was one of a number of ballhawks in the Denver Broncos’ secondary, which also brought back safeties Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson, as well as fellow free agent signing Ronald Darby and 2021 first-round pick Pat Surtain II.

Unfortunately, Fuller has not been a ballhawk for the Denver Broncos. He’s been anything but, as a matter of fact.

The Broncos have benched Fuller in favor of rookie Pat Surtain II and Ronald Darby on the outside and Bryce Callahan is still playing in the nickel spot.

Denver Broncos: 4 potential Kyle Fuller trades to watch for at deadline

There are simply far too many teams in the NFL that need cornerback help for the Denver Broncos to justify Fuller and his $9.5 million salary riding the bench. The fact that he hasn’t been playing lately certainly doesn’t seem to help his overall trade value, but it does preserve his health while the Broncos explore options and allow teams to make calls.

Although there are a number of Denver Broncos players that could wind up being traded, it feels like Fuller is the most likely of them all to be moved.

We’ve been exploring this possibility for a few weeks here at Predominantly Orange, but with the trade deadline just over a week away, it’s worth exploring a little further.

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