Denver Broncos: Is it time for Drew Lock to replace Teddy Bridgewater?

Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

After another dud performance from the Denver Broncos and Teddy Bridgewater, should Vic Fangio consider starting Drew Lock?

Well, that was bad.

In just about every facet possible, the Denver Broncos were outplayed Sunday by the Las Vegas Raiders and their Interim Head Coach, Rich Bisaccia. Losing 34-24 at home is never good, especially when it is to a division rival.

If you are the optimistic type, Patrick Surtain II played well today for the defense. Other than that, it was just an overall imploding for the league’s most expensive defense. From an offensive perspective, Courtland Sutton and the running backs played well today.

Denver Broncos: Is it time for Drew Lock to replace Teddy Bridgewater?

Javonte Williams had another fantastic run. He continues to shine in different forms, today he showed us all that he could also hurdle. Melvin Gordon ran extremely hard today and looked like he was running with passion.

Noah Fant continues with his questionable play. His receiving capabilities are there, but his blocking abilities are suspect to say the least. Its easy to ponder on whether he is failing miserably due to unwillingness to block. He has five penalties this season already.

Is he upset that oblivious Pat Shurmur continues to try to push this narrative with him, or is he simply not capable of performing this task?

Starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater put out another dud on the field. For the box score people, it is easy to look at the numbers and talk about that fact that he threw for 334 yards and finally threw for exactly three touchdowns.

He also threw for three interceptions and fumbled once. Teddy Bridgewater also took five sacks this afternoon. There were a couple that were solely on the offensive line, but nevertheless, Teddy holds on to the football entirely too long.

This team has been lifeless.

I’ll continue to bring this up until I see it, Teddy talked about how he would get the huddle “bouncing” in the huddle to spark some energy. Where has this been? Where is the bouncing? Where is the energy?

It went home with Rich Bisaccia and the Las Vegas Raiders.

On Thursday, the Denver Broncos will be facing the Cleveland Browns on the road on primetime television. These games never seem to go well for the Denver Broncos, I expect this one to be no different.

While the Browns are coming off a bad loss themselves, they are in a much better situation than the Denver Broncos are right now. Insanity is defined as trying the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

I’m tired of looking at insanity, the time for change is approaching.

Maybe not against the Cleveland Browns as it is a short week and will set Drew Lock up for failure. However, if Teddy Bridgewater comes out and puts another performance out like this, I will be leading the charge for Drew Lock to get his shot.

Statistics will always tell a story, but the eye test will always be my judging factor. Lets be honest here, Teddy Bridgewater missed on a lot of throws today, game changing throws. On the deep shot to a wide open Courtland Sutton, the only thing you cant do there is overthrow, which is exactly what Teddy did.

Something else worth mentioning, Drew Lock played behind Garrett Bolles, Lloyd Cushenberry III, Dalton Risner and Graham Glasgow last season, but he didn’t take nearly as many sacks as Teddy Bridgewater has. There is even an argument to be made that Bobby Massie is actually an upgrade at the right tackle position compared to last season.

Garett Bolles seriously looks like he is regressing, but is that because he is being asked to hold up for too long?

Drew Lock obviously has not proven that he is capable of being s starter in this league, but Teddy Bridgewater continues to prove that he isn’t a starting quarterback. As I lobbied for Lock prior to the season one of my arguments were that the book was finished on Bridgewater, Lock’s right in the middle of his story.

What kind of justice does it do to end the book halfway through, right before we reach the climax of the story? Absolutely none.

Lock may come in and absolutely crap the bed, but at least we know at that point he isn’t the guy. If we have learned anything from tis experiment with Teddy Bridgewater, its that Pat Shurmur as an offensive coordinator should be done, as Vic Fangio’s career as a head coach.

From “putting on for his city,” to awkwardly shooting targets with his Buzz Lightyear rocket arm, Drew Lock has always brought energy and swagger. Since we are talking about Drew Lock, here is a lyric he should be singing to Broncos Country right now, “Check your watch, yeah its my time.” Another great song from Jeezy, I Love It.

Lock may have his spirt crushed, but as I was standing beside fellow Predominately Orange contributor, Lou Scataglia, he gave a thumbs up as he was heading into the tunnel at Heinz Field. Lock did not have anyone cheering for him, but he has the skillset if he can recapture his mojo.

There is a solid chance he never does, there is a chance he isn’t on the team next season. That said, why go into it with questions? Are we really going to sit here and believe just because the hapless Pat Shurmur chose Teddy Bridgewater over Drew Lock that Lock must be awful?

News flash, Shurmur is clueless.

Bridgewater was supposed to be the literal bridge that kept this team float for a playoff appearance, but we have seen his isn’t capable of doing so. His highs aren’t high enough and his lows are too low. At least with Lock, his highs might be high enough. His lows are certainly low, but so are Bridgewater’s.

Rock with Lock, for the upside.

Like I said, I wouldn’t make this change for the Browns game. I’d start Lock Week 8 against the Washington Football Team and Taylor Heinicke, when the WFT travels to Empower Field on Halloween. This could be a great momentum builder as the Washington Football Team’s defense and team has regressed since last season.

Lock can get warmed up against a subpar team and a middling quarterback before having to travel to Jerry World and take on Dak Prescott and the hot Dallas Cowboys. It’s time for change, and that begins with not only a different play caller, but a different quarterback as well.

It is time to bring back the Drew Lock swagger, one last time.