Denver Broncos: 2020 season just became even more important for Bradley Chubb

Bradley Chubb will be a key component of the Denver Broncos’ defense in 2020.

Bradley Chubb was already going to be placed under a microscope in 2020 as he will be making a long-awaited return after having his 2019 season cut short by injury. Expectations were already going to be high for a player who had 12 sacks as a rookie.

But following the devastating news that Von Miller may miss the entire season after a freak ankle injury at the end of Tuesday’s practice, Chubb is going to need to saddle even more of the load.

Miller was coming off of a disappointing 2019 campaign himself and many attributed that to teams being able to place more of a focus on him with Chubb out of the lineup. Chubb will face that same proposition, but he will simply have to find a way to produce.

Behind Chubb, the Broncos will turn to Malik Reed and Jeremiah Attaochu as rushers off the edge, at least from the outside linebacker position. Both of those guys can be effective situational players, but neither of them is the player that Miller is.

Chubb will be entering his third season in the league and though he has been out of action for a considerable amount of time, he will be the player on defense that the Broncos are counting on to be the most disruptive and the player who is most feared by the opposition.

It will be a challenge without Von on the field, but it is Chubb’s time to shine and prove that his rookie season was just the start of what will become a stellar career.

Will team’s be able to shut Chubb down and make guys like Reed and Attaochu beat them? Or will the defensive guru that is Vic Fangio be able to find a way to free Chubb up to make plays and show him to be a player destined to be a future superstar in the league?