Denver Broncos: Von Miller Lands at Number Nine on Top 100

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has been a superstar for the team since he was drafted. The Vonster has landed as the ninth best player in 2018.

Von Miller has shown time in and time out how much he can bring to the Denver Broncos defense. His presence on the football field is unmatched. No matter the situation, he can get to the quarterback.

His performance in 2017 has earned him a spot in the top ten. According to his peers in the NFL, he was rewarded as the ninth best player in the Top 100 countdown. Every summer, the Top 100 list is revealed.

While it is awesome to see him land in the top ten for the second straight year, I feel as if number nine is a bit too low. In my honest opinion, I feel like he deserves to be a bit higher on the list.

For the fourth straight season, he recorded double digit sacks. In fact, he has recorded double digit sacks in six of his first seven seasons.

However, I can also understand why he could be at this spot. Looking at stats other than sacks, it was a quiet year. Von Miller had double teams placed on him without a solid second linebacker.

The double teams were challenging for Miller to get around. Without a second quality linebacker to attack the other side, it was easy to combat Miller and protect the quarterback.

This proves football is a team sport. It is not all about individual players. Control the best player, and the game might not go well.

Hopefully the Denver Broncos defense gets back in gear for the 2018 season. If the team performs well, it could be a solid season for the Broncos.

Congrats on another Top 10 appearance Von Miller. Can’t wait to see what you can do in 2018.