Denver Broncos: Rookies who can break records in 2018

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The Denver Broncos drafted some rookies in 2018 that will contribute significantly. Which ones have a chance to break some all-time records?

Bradley Chubb

The Denver Broncos’ rookie class of 2018 is expected to make a significant impact right away.

If these young players play as much as the coaches are leading on, the bar can be set for some of these players to go after rookie records set in the NFL.

Broncos Country has seen its fair share of broken records in recent years, most notably Peyton Manning’s incredible 2013 season where he set NFL marks in passing yards and passing touchdowns (55).

Could this year’s rookie class set the bar in their respective position groups moving forward?

Some rookie records seem completely out of reach but others may be attainable if the stars can align for these young players.

Let’s take a look at some of the NFL’s long-standing rookie records, and which Broncos players have a chance to break them…

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