Broncos Return Impressive Core of Players in 2015


For as much as departed players have been talked about this offseason, the Denver Broncos are returning an impressive core of players for the 2015 season.

We obviously know how good the Broncos’ roster is as a whole, but they are returning some key statistical leaders that I didn’t even really think about at all in any previous year.

The Broncos will return their leading passer, rusher, receiver, sack leader, and interception leader. Those players are Peyton Manning, C.J. Anderson, Demaryius Thomas, Von Miller, and Aqib Talib.

Just looking back at the last decade, that hasn’t happened for Denver at all until now. And not only are the Broncos returning all of these starters, but all of them (save for Peyton Manning) are all entering the prime of their careers, or are still ascending in this league.

As much as it’s talked about that the Broncos are getting older, or they aren’t as deep as they used to be, or they don’t have a championship caliber roster, it’s interesting to look at the facts and see what this team is truly made of. It’s almost as if people have become numb to how good the Broncos can be, but the fact that they haven’t proven their ability to win in big spots on the field has been disturbing, and they’ll certainly have to earn the respect they want.

And the only respect they crave is that given to Super Bowl champions.

It’ll be interesting to see how this roster can mesh in 2015 now that many of these guys have gotten a year to learn how to play together, how to work together, and how to make each other better. There are plenty of moving parts, specifically on the offensive line, but the Broncos have the players they need to make a title run and plenty of key returning players that can make a significant impact.

Hopefully that impact turns into a Super Bowl title.

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