Will the Broncos Sign Anyone from the Veteran Combine?


On Sunday, the NFL held a veteran scouting combine for players that have already been through the draft process, some who have even had varying levels of success in the league, and put them all on one field for one big tryout.

The Broncos were represented, along with every other team in the league, as players tried to get back on the radar of NFL scouting departments.

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Word out of Arizona, where the owner’s meetings are being held, is that former high draft picks like Adam Carriker (defensive end) and Mikel LeShoure (running back) had strong workouts. The general consensus is that a bunch of these guys will be picked up by NFL squads as part of a 90-man offseason roster, though it’s unknown if any team liked any player enough that he might be considered a legitimate option for a team’s final 53-man roster.

Hopefully, this experiment proves fruitful for the Broncos, who saw a bunch of players from different walks in their NFL careers get together and work out. It’s a lot to take in, but in all likelihood, the Broncos knew what they were looking for — if anything — and will make a move accordingly.

Where could the Broncos look to cash in on this event? Well, it’s impossible to know where their scouting department had prioritized positions of interest or anything like that, but the Broncos did have a workout with LeShoure last season when they were struggling with running back injuries.

According to some reports, LeShoure had one of the best workouts among the players represented, along with quarterback Tyler Wilson who is a former fourth round pick of the Oakland Raiders.

Perhaps the most hilarious bit of news from this event was the participation and degradation of running back Michael Bush, who felt he was too good to be participating in such an event beforehand, and had a complete change of heart by the end.

Apparently Bush isn’t the most confident guy…?

In all, 107 players participated in the event, and if the Broncos even sign one of them up for the 90-man roster, it would be a worthwhile event for them. It’s just another way for the league to make sure it’s covering all bases, and a way for teams to keep their eyes open to guys that might not quite be finished yet.

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