Broncos Considering Bradley Roby at Safety?


There’s no question the Denver Broncos have been a little bit more ‘boring’ than usual this offseason not having been overly active in free agency, but they have made some necessary moves and with the moves that they did not make, they sent a message to their young players that the time is now for them to make an impact.

One position that has been a question mark for the team this offseason is free safety, where the Broncos watched Rahim Moore walk to the Houston Texans before signing Darian Stewart to a two-year contract.

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Apparently, while Stewart felt he was the missing piece to the secondary, he won’t be the only guy being considered for time at the free safety position. 2014 first round draft pick Bradley Roby was not drafted to stand on the sidelines, and he played a significant number of snaps in 2014 as a result.

The Broncos have invested heavily in Chris Harris Jr. and Aqib Talib, so they are going to need to be creative in getting Roby on the field. According to a report from The Denver Post, John Elway let a big cat out of the bag and said the team might try Roby at safety this offseason.

“He can tackle he’s tough and that safety has to be a cover guy there,” Elway said of the team’s first-round draft pick who had a fine rookie season in 2014. “There area lot of different combinations you need to play because the game is changing. Instead of having a strong safety, you want both of them to play center field.”

The good news for the Broncos is, Darian Stewart comes in as a pretty versatile player that can play free or strong, allowing T.J. Ward to move into the box at times as well. If Roby is going to play some center field, it would make sense since he has excellent ball skills and like Elway said, is a fearless hitter as well.

The big thing here is that this also opens up snaps for Kayvon Webster, another player the team really likes moving forward. I don’t know exactly what their plans are for him, but there were also rumors earlier this offseason that he could be moving to free safety.

Obviously, the Broncos are considering all of their options at this point, which is smart. It will be really interesting to see how all these players adapt this offseason to the new coaching, their (potentially) new roles, and getting the best talent on the field at the same time.