You Might Be a Die-hard Denver Bronco Fan if…. Part 2


Snacks at work are always good…. they’re better when they are primarily orange and blue!

Even though I was more interested in a trip to the dentist for a six-month cleaning (aka the scraping of the tartar build up) than I was Super Bowl XLIX, I am kind of down this weekend as I realize there will not be any NFL football until mid-August!  Right about now, preseason football sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  In a project that has been a few years in the making, I have captured real-life scenarios that prove I am a die-hard Denver Broncos fan.  Some of the scenarios, actually most of them, have absolutely nothing to do with the actual game of football, but more about my passion for the colors orange and blue, as well as the pro football team from Colorado that proudly displays these two great colors.  Please continue reading for these snippets from my life that capture my strange addiction to anything orange and blue, the Denver Broncos, or the despised Kansas City Chiefs, since I am in the heart of Chiefs Country.

Like I said, this has been a project in work for years and when “things” would happen, I would document them with the intent of posting them on Predominantly Orange one day.  Well, a long offseason is ahead of us, so I am going to start posting a handful of these “things” periodically to help us, or me, get through the offseason.  As you read them, some of you will be able to relate, others may think I have a screw loose, or you just won’t get it, and that is ok.  Keep in mind as you read these items over the next 3-6 months, they are all true but are done all in fun!  This idea is actually a follow-up to my Predominantly Orange post a few years ago where I listed Part I.  You can click here if you would like to read that first post.

  • You bring in snacks at work to celebrate your ten-year anniversary and you color coordinate them
  • You don’t need a stylus for your iPad but why pass up the opportunity to have something orange
  • You only need two colors (orange & blue) when playing an endless game of Draw Something with your mother-in-law; before sending picture, you always add extra orange & blue just because you can

Your in-laws give you money as a Christmas gift and you put it toward a brand new Denver Bronco golf bag.  The new bag does absolutely nothing to improve your golf game, but it does provide an awesome view when you walk back to the golf cart and see the bright blue and orange bag with the Bronco logo

There will ALWAYS be room for improvement in my golf game, BUT at least my bag looks awesome!

  • Orange & blue clothing in any store, no matter what it is, or if you even need it, always grabs your attention.

Feel free to share your obsession with the Denver Broncos and the colors orange and blue by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading and go Broncos!

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