You Are a Die Hard Bronco Fan If….


Since the Broncos didn’t play last Sunday I took the opportunity to reflect back and identify some of the crazy things I have done or that have occurred due to me being a Denver Bronco fanatic.  After the initial list was completed I took it to work and let another Bronco season ticket holder review it.  I hesitated on posting it because I was sure other items would come up that I felt were worthy of being added to the list.  Some Bronco fans have a tendency to be crazy obsessed about our team; if you’re “one of those people”, I would love to see the things you’ve done so go ahead and post them so all of Bronco Nation can enjoy them and rejoice with you.  Non-Bronco fans obviously won’t understand but you know the die hard orange and blue will definitely know exactly where you’re coming from.  Thanks for reading.
Go Broncos – good luck in Miami this weekend!

You are a die hard Bronco fan if…..

  • You give your fiancé a caveat when scheduling your wedding date that the NFL schedule is released in April – so she’ll have to wait until then to finalize the date
  • You invite John Elway to your wedding
  • You tried to persuade your wife to choose orange and blue as your wedding colors
  • You were somewhat disappointed when you wife didn’t choose orange and blue as the wedding colors and instead opted for a hint of red in the form of roses
  • You had a Denver Bronco grooms cake at your wedding
  • You played Rock-and-Roll Part II when you entered your wedding dance (the same song the Broncos play when they score a touchdown)
  • You switched from a black tuxedo jacket to a custom made Denver Bronco tuxedo jacket at your wedding dance
  • Your very first date with your future-wife was somewhat delayed because you were traveling back and forth to Denver, Colorado for every Denver Bronco home game
  • You choose the color of new cars to ensure they will match your Denver Broncos license plate
  • You owned a blue toothbrush and an orange toothbrush… the latter one is only used on Bronco game days
  • You only like red & yellow when they’re mixed together to make orange
  • You write in “John Elway” when voting
  • Orange and blue are your Christmas colors instead of red and green… which causes your wife and mother in-law to spend an afternoon in Denver painting all the Christmas ornaments orange and blue
  • You know which gifts are yours under the tree because they’re all wrapped in orange and blue
  • Your favorite thing about Halloween is November 1st because all the orange stuff is on clearance
  • You try to persuade your company to change their flagship color from red to orange, as well as move their headquarters to Denver,  Colorado
  • You tell your wife, who is selecting exterior house paint, that your first two choices are orange and blue; your third choice is  “whatever she picks”
  • The first thing you do each morning is to check for breaking Denver Bronco news (thanks to my fellow co-worker/Bronco season ticket holder for this item)
  • Your newborn son came home to a Denver Bronco nursery
  • You drive to multiple clothing stores searching for a sweater vest that contains blue, orange, or any combination of those two colors
  • You only wear Bronco ties to work
  • You strategically move Denver Bronco shirts, jerseys, etc. so they are in front of Chiefs products when in any store
  • You consider one trip to Arrowhead Stadium to watch the Broncos in Chiefs country, one too many
  • You choose golf clubs because they are orange and blue – not by the brand or price
  • You have a Denver Bronco golf bag that cost more than your golf clubs
  • You refuse to drink red-beer (tomato juice and beer) when the Chiefs and Broncos play each other
  • When meeting new people, the first question you ask them is “What is your favorite NFL football team?”
  • You have a piece of the old Mile High Stadium in your house
  • You have a room dedicated to Bronco memorabilia
  • You own a helmet and jersey autographed by John Elway, one of the greatest and most exciting quarterbacks to ever play the game
  • You sat in Mile High Stadium in total disbelief after Jacksonville upset the Broncos 30-27 in 1997
  • You travelled back and forth (by car and air) from Wichita, Kansas to 27 Bronco home games over a three year period
  • You quit your job in Kansas and moved to Colorado so you could attend every Bronco home game
  • You’ve attended a playoff game between the Broncos and Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium and you were wearing a orange and blue hockey mask plus a grim reaper outfit and holding a sign that said “Death to the Chiefs”
  • You did not believe that the Broncos new uniform design before the 1998 season was predominantly orange
  • You met the team airplane at Denver International Airport when they returned from Pittsburgh after winning the AFC Championship in 1998
  • You traveled to San Diego, California for Super Bowl XXXII hoping to get Super Bowl tickets for face value
  • Your answering machine was full after Super Bowl XXXII because of all the people who called and left messages to congratulate you
  • You consider your Denver Bronco season tickets non-negotiable
  • You think every Bronco home game should be treated as a holiday
  • You consider game day being an all day event – not just a three hour football game
  • You take pride in the fact that you can turn ANY conversation into a discussion about the Denver Broncos and/or the colors orange and blue
  • You became teary eyed when John Mobley knocked down Brett Favre’s fourth down pass in Super Bowl XXXII
  • You watch highlights of Super Bowl XXXII every time they are rebroadcast
  • You want the Broncos to win at least one more Super Bowl so your son can experience the pure joy and excitement
  • When serving carrots at holiday get togethers or football parties, you make sure the carrots are placed in the blue serving tray (orange
    and blue)
  • Your friends and family see the Bronco logo or other Bronco fans, they immediately think of you
  • Starbucks baristas, who you see quite often, pick up Bronco items for you because they thought of you when they saw it
  • You are a contributing writer to Predominantly Orange website for no compensation whatsoever except the satisfaction of writing and reading anything that has to do with the Denver Broncos
  • Your three favorite NFL teams are:  the Denver Broncos, whoever is playing the Raiders, and whoever is playing the Chiefs

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