Should the Broncos Draft a Quarterback this Offseason?

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The Denver Broncos find themselves in a precarious situation at quarterback this offseason. There are a lot of variables at play here and even though some of this can be fixed with the return of Peyton Manning, John Elway still has some decisions to make regardless.

There are so many different scenarios that could take place at this singular position for the Broncos this season.

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For instance, if Manning decides to come back, Elway’s focus would shift to Brock Osweiler. The former 2nd round pick in 2012 will be playing (or just dressing) on the last year of his contract. There’s no doubt he’ll want to finally be unleashed and get an opportunity to start somewhere. That place could be Denver, but the Broncos will know better than anyone if he’s ready or not. They may decide to let him go when his contract is up.

If Manning decides not to come back, this is obviously unfortunate for a lot of people. But a silver lining that comes out of this is the Broncos would get a full-year to evaluate Osweiler before committing to him one way or the other. If he happens not to work out next year, then you let him loose. If he pans out, then you keep him.

In either situation, there still remains the question of whether or not the Broncos will take a quarterback in the upcoming NFL draft. And if the answer to that question is affirmative, then the question becomes “who?” and “when?”

To preface, this is my third year of profiling the NFL draft. This is my first year doing it with an emphasis on the Denver Broncos. Throughout the year I’ll make a subjective list of many of the highly considered prospects.

I’ll watch at least three games of each prospect, which most agree is suffice enough to determine what you think of a player. Most of these videos come by way of Draft Breakdown. If you love the draft, there’s no better place to go to watch prospects.

Last year I was able to study 137 prospects, which is the most I’ve ever done. I feel pretty good about that number so I’ll aim to hit something close to that again this year.

My quarterbacks list for this year only comprised of five players, the least I’ve watched since I started. This isn’t a surprise, as this year’s class isn’t well thought of by many.

Of the five I looked at, I’ve included four here, guys I think could fit in the Broncos’ new offense. The thing all of them have in common are big arms and athleticism.

Let’s look at some of the options the Broncos could consider come late April/early May.