Broncos Country Rooting For Ravens, Panthers on Saturday


The Denver Broncos don’t play on Saturday in the opening games of the Divisional round of this year’s NFL playoffs, but you can bet Broncos Country will have a significant rooting interest.

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First and foremost, the Broncos have a chance to potentially host next week’s AFC Championship game. They need to beat the Colts first, so that’s obviously the most important order of business right now — simply ensuring that they play next week. However, after this afternoon’s matchup in New England between the Patriots and Ravens, we’ll at least know whether or not the AFC will go through New England.

If the Ravens win, they will travel to either Denver or Indianapolis, and obviously them winning is the preferred outcome at this point. The Ravens always seem to play the Patriots tough in the playoffs and this year should be no different. Baltimore has a bunch of guys who have won the Super Bowl already, and a team that can make big plays both in the passing game and the running game.

They aren’t a team that’s going to blow you away with anything except for a really good defensive front seven, featuring Terrell Suggs and former Bronco Elvis Dumervil.

If the Ravens can come away with some kind of weird, 23-20 win against the Patriots, it would be a phenomenal start to this weekend of football heading into tonight’s game in Seattle pitting the Panthers and Seahawks.

Broncos fans have an obvious rooting preference in that game after the Seahawks embarrassed Denver in last year’s Super Bowl. The Broncos are out to avenge that loss this year, but seeing the Seahawks make an early exit wouldn’t upset anyone in the Mile High City.

Do I legitimately think the Seahawks can be topped on their home field by the Carolina Panthers, the team that entered the playoffs with the worst record? The short answer is yes. The long answer begins with the fact that the Seahawks’ biggest weakness in my opinion is a mobile quarterback. The struggle this year wasn’t as prevalent but we saw last season how tight the games they played were against the 49ers, and the last time they played the Panthers (this season) they won on a late touchdown drive while down 9-6.

Carolina is pretty hot right now, and their defense is playing well. I think if you gave me a life or death situation and had me pick this game, I’d go with Seattle obviously but don’t be shocked if Carolina gives them a run for their money or even pulls off the upset.

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