PO Year In Review: Top 13 Denver Broncos Stories in 2013

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It’s that time again. It’s been another drama-filled year for this 13-win team, and it’s made my job here at PO incredibly fun and rewarding.

Here are PO’s top 13 stories in 2013 as measured by the number of page views. Sit back, relax, and let’s reflect on the year that was for the Denver Broncos.

13. The Elvis Fiasco? Perhaps not a Fiasco at all

Elvis doesn’t mean squat. I’ve heard Denver Broncos fans fretting for weeks about what was going on, then the eventual going on of Elvis Dumervil to the Baltimore Ravens. While they certainly won’t admit it, there is logic to the Broncos allowing Dumervil to take his hike.

12. “Hurry Hurry” T-shirts now available through PO

If you pay attention during Broncos games, you might hear a certain phrase by Peyton Manning before seemingly every snap.

11. Peyton Manning’s 51st Touchdown Commercial

After Peyton Manning threw his record-setting 51st touchdown of the season, Gatorade aired a must-see commercial that will give you chills.

10. Broncos have easiest schedule in 2013, but that doesn’t mean much

According to the NFL’s strength of schedule formula, the Broncos have the easiest schedule in the league. That’s thanks in large part to the rest of the AFC West stinking up the division.

9. For the Broncos, why Montee Ball over Eddie Lacy

Wasn’t Lacy supposed to be the best back in this draft?’ Well sports fans, you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here’s what I’ve got to say about Montee Ball vs. Eddie Lacy.

8. Free agent smokescreen in Denver? It’s possible

The Denver Broncos, of course, are a participant in this madcap talent hunt and, while team officials have preached patience and restraint when it comes to spending the big bucks on elderly jocks, you never know. Case in point:  last season.

7. 2013 Denver Broncos Mock Draft

Here is a mock draft that I think can help get the Broncos over the top in 2013.

6. Broncos Trade Deadline Watch: Jared Allen is available

This roster is loaded but has still shown some signs of weakness this year, and one area where they are clearly not the same is the pass rush department.

5. Broncos vs. Ravens: Playoff Game Preview

It hurts to re-post this one.

4. Broncos not a bad option for Maurice Jones-Drew trade

Hey, if the Jaguars are having a fire sale, why not buy low?

3. Broncos vs. Colts: Game Time, TV Schedule, Match Up History

It’s Manning vs. his old team. Need we say more?

2. Tom Brady “Enraged” Welker is a Denver Bronco

Imagine Tom Brady’s reaction to the news that his favorite receiver is now aDenver Bronco. Stop. Now we don’t have to imagine.

1. Broncos Rookie Life

Training camp doesn’t just mean bad haircuts for the rookies. It goes beyond making coffee runs as well.

On Dec. 31, 2014, we hope our No. 1 post is “Denver Broncos Crowned World Champions.”

Here’s wishing you a very orange and a very happy 2014.

Your team at PO,

Kim, Sayre, Chris, Craig, Matty, Rick, Steve, Derek, Jeff, and Vaughn