Broncos’ Future: The Results

By Editorial Staff

With all of the changes around Broncos’ Country, I put up quite a few polls last week. Let’s take a look at the results.

In an attempt to find out what you, the fans, think that the Broncos should do at quarterback for the rest of the season, I asked just that.

Of the 177 respondents, 41% felt that the Broncos should bench Kyle Orton and let Tim Tebow gain some experience. 28% were in favor of Orton and Tebow splitting time while 13% thought that Orton should continue to take nearly every snap. I was surprised to find that 12% thought that Tebow and Brady Quinn should split time. 6% didn’t care what the Broncos did at QB since that is the one area the Broncos don’t seem to have a problem with.

Those results were much different from the first time I posed the question.  

While the QB issue was at the forefront of last week’s headlines after the Broncos lost to the Chiefs, it didn’t take long for focus to shift on to the head coach. Once Josh McDaniels was fired, I asked if it was in fact McDaniels’ time to go.

There were 179 voters and 75% said that it was his time to go while 25% believed that it wasn’t his time to go. No surprise there.

Due to McDaniels’ departure and much of the focus on the Broncos future, I asked how the Broncos would finish this season.  

Of the 158 people who voiced their opinion, 35% felt that the team would go 2-2, 24% said they would finish 3-1, 22% thought that they would end 1-3, and 9% believed that the downward trend would continue and they would go 0-4. All of the optimists out there (10%) thought that the team would do a complete 180 and go 4-0.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the end of the Broncos season. Much of what happens from here on out will help determine who stays and who goes from the coaching staff and from the roster.

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