Eric Studesville Looking For Wins


Eric Studesville stood at the podium today for the first time as a head coach in the NFL. The new coach is excited about having the opportunity, and he’s ready to get to work.

According to Studesville, he already met with all of the Broncos coaching staff individually to express his wishes for the final four games of the season. 

He also spoke to Josh McDaniels, the person responsible for bringing him to the Broncos last January. He reported that it was a great conversation and McD wished him the best of luck going forward. 

With the change at the head coaching position, it makes you wonder what kind of changes we are going to see in the Broncos for the remainder of the season.

Studesville said that Kyle Orton will start on Sunday, but who knows if and when we will see Tim Tebow. Ultimately, Studesville’s main message is he will do whatever gives the Broncos the best chance to win football games. 

“We’re going to do some things different, but we’re not going to completely scrape everything,” Studesville said. “We’re going to make some small adjustments. There’s going to be different things in our day-to-day operations.”

It also sounded as if the Broncos locker room lost its zest to play in the later part of Josh McDaniels’ tenure with the team.

Studesville kept referring to bringing joy back to the players and the organization.

“I want to get the excitement back in the players,” Studesville said.

Kyle Orton approves of Studesville being selected as the interim head coach.

“I think Eric’s a really good coach, a positive person, and a good choice to right the ship for the next four weeks,” Orton said Monday night at a charity event.

The Broncos have the Cardinals, the Raiders, the Texans, and the Chargers for the remaining games on their schedule.

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