Josh McDaniels’ Crew To Be Trusted


Now that the hype of the draft is over, the Broncos can take a collective breath and move forward with their planning and hard work. With the addition of 15 new players over the course of a week and more veteran free agents since the season ended, it’s time for this team to get to know eachother.

From what Josh McDaniels says, he tried to bring in players that are able to work together and aren’t “cancers” to a team. While Mike Shanahan was not great at doing that (i.e. Travis Henry, Maurice Clarett, Todd Sauerbrun), McDaniels believes that this plan of attack is going to translate to success on the field. I trust his judgment when it comes to this issue because he learned from Bill Belichick. If there is one no nonsense, hoodie wearing guy in the league that is a good judge of character, it’s him. He took Randy Moss and exposed his personality as a very respectable/well mannered receiver. His style is well respected around the league, and the great thing is that he was McD’s mentor. Like Belichick often does, McD met personally and/or brought in draft prospects for a personal workout. Statistics are great as are coaches’ recommendations and scouting reports, but they mean nothing until you get a feel for a player’s attitude and commitment to the team and to the game. That’s what made players like Rod Smith and Terrell Davis so great.

I’m thrilled that McD has carried the Patriots’ style of coaching over to Denver. I hope he demands perfection from his players, runs up the score whenever possible, and seeks revenge on all enemies. That’s Belichick’s bread and butter out east and that could be McD’s out west.