The Dailies: Matriculating toward training camp


The Dailies is a look around Broncoland. It appears semi-daily, and sometimes not at all.

Football fans, I’ve found signs of life. While summer is great and the weather is awesome, these are dark days for those that appreciate the pigskin arts. Every once in a while, though, we find little clues that autumn and the NFL will be upon us before we know it.

I saw the first Broncos schedules at the liquor store the other day when I stopped in for a 12-pack. That was nice. And the fantasy mags will be out in full force any day now. I bought my first today (the version, it sucks, don’t bother). I’ll review each and every one of them just to see where the Broncos’ offensive players are being rated.

You can add to our vast archive of June John Elway news this Woody Paige column. I barely skimmed it…Woody is dead to me. I grew up with the guy, and before I knew any better I thought Woody was the epitome of sportswriting: he got to go to every Bronco game, every Super Bowl and every huge sporting event. He got to express his opinion and make wisecracks! He was The Man, at least when I was twelve. Then he wrote the same column every day for twenty years, went on television and acted like a buffoon, and recently returned to the Post. I think he needs to be euthanized.

Mike Klis takes a turn manning the Post’s Bronco Mailbag and hit on quite a few topical items. Obviously many followers of the men in predominanly orange are suffering post-football depression, and Klis does his best to talk them off the ledge. I particularly liked the breakdown of the D-line, where a glut of solid players will make camp cuts gut-wrenching decisions.

Definitely check out the new Colts blog on our network, Naptown’s Finest. If you’re like me, you hate the ground these guys walk on, but for the Broncos to get back on top they’ve got to go through the defending champs. Let’s keep an eye on ’em.

MVN/Thin Air takes a look at rookie tackle Ryan Harris. I think I’ve made my position on Harris clear: he’ll start on the Broncos’ O-line for the next decade.

And, as usual, The Sports Guru over at Mile High Report is killin’ it. He found evidence that the Broncos and Chiefs may be talking trade (and also a link to Brodie Croyle’s wedding registry), he continues to break down the roster position-by-position (latest: Safety), and remembers that today is Mr. Elway’s 47th birthday. This…One’s…For John!