The Dailies: Links and more


The Dailies is Predominantly Orange’s look around Broncoland, an assemblage of links and thoughts pertaining to our team. You might think that, judging by its name, it would appear daily, but then you would be wrong.

First off, feel free to take a peek at the House of Georges, where yesterday in the Tradition Tuesday segment I examined the potential of the Broncos’ running game and Travis Henry. We’ll do the same every Tuesday of the year, breaking down some element of the Broncos-Chiefs rivalry.

Speaking of, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s exchange between me and Arrowhead Addict’s Bankmeister concerning Jack Elway. The prep gunslinger was in the papers again yesterday, as the Denver Post’s Jim Armstrong included Young No. 7 in his Notes column. It seems that Sonny Lubick has offered the kid a scholarship, and the thought of Little E matriculating at my alma mater is just about enough to make my skull implode.

Bronco fans not fortunate enough to have a season-ticket connection (and that would include yours truly) will need to note that single-game tix go on sale July 28. Once again the team is separating the full-price and half-price sales, which they did last year. It’s actually kind of nice, knowing that you get a second chance if you get skunked on the initial go-round. This day is always one of the most thrilling of the year around my house, as my wife and buddies set up multiple computer workstations and a countdown clock. We freak out until the tickets are secured, and then we essentially plan the season tailgating schedule over adult beverages. Good times.

On second thought, please forget this date. I don’t need any extra competition for those tickets.

Our pal The Sports Guru continues his excellent position breakdown over at Mile High Report. Thus far I’ve found the detail fascinating, but I do have a beef with his O-Line segment. Guru does not disparage George Foster nearly enough. That piece of crap singlehandedly lost games last season, and that’s hard to do. He did give my boy Ryan Harris some love, however, tabbing him as a sleeper potential starter at RT. Nice. Check out Guru’s weekly Mile High Radio broadcast tonight as well.