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Top 50


Over at CBS Sportsline, Pete Prisco has been filling the offseason NFL beat with stuff like his Top 50 Players List. I took a peek at the Broncos/AFC West inclusions.

To hit everyone from Denver didn’t take long. Champ Bailey came in at 4, and no other Bronco made the list (or even honorable mention). I personally feel that including Lee Evans and not Javon Walker shows PacMan-level poor judgment, but perhap I’m biased.

The Chargers surprised no one by placing four on the board–LT at 3, Shawne Merriman at 8*, Antonio Gates at 23 and Jamal Williams at 50. Kansas City got LJ in at 20 and Tony Gonzalez at 46, while up-and-coming Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha made the cut at 37.

In my eyes, this list is long on hype and short on substance. It overrepresents flashy players who put up flashy stats (many more DEs than DTs, LBs or O-linemen) and punishes guys with questionable character (other than Merriman). Don’t get me wrong…Peyton and LT are great, great players, and most everyone here deserves to be, but to include only five blockers is ridiculous.

But, this is what we do while we wait for training camp…