Kennedy elected as latest Bronco DT


The Broncos’ addition of erstwhile Rams defensive lineman Jimmy Kennedy pushes the team’s focus there from substantial to borderline silly. If you go back to last week’s PO post on the DT position, I’d say Kennedy slots in somewhere beneath projected starters Gerard Warren and Sam Adams and Marcus Thomas as the talented project, but above journeymen Demetrin Veal and Alvin McKinley. He’s got some game (former first-round pick) yet he continuously underperformed for St. Louis (they only required a conditional sixth-rounder for his services).

In his first extensive interview since joining the Broncos, Kennedy blamed his malaise in The Lou on frequent changes in defensive coordinators and schemes, injury and lack of opportunity. He said he saw the writing on the wall when the Rams drafted Adam Carriker in the first round of this year’s draft and is happy to be with an organization that appreciates his skill set.

Can someone please find Mr. Kennedy a tissue? I’m sure those years of playing for idiots like Lovie Smith and Jim Haslett, both former Coaches of the Year, were miserable. This is pretty much the standard line we’ve heard from every vet that’s been sucked into Coach Shanahan’s vortex–the proof will be in the pudding, and the pudding will be Kennedy’s play on the field.

One thing I liked about the Legwold piece was reinforcing DC Jim Bates’ desire for big uglies at the DT position, “occupiers” that in theory create more opportunity for playmakers at linebacker and on the edge rush. At 330, Kennedy can certainly “occupy.” But he’s also a tremendous athlete who can make plays on his own. Should he buy into the Bates Doctrine I could see a successful marriage of scheme and raw ass-kicking ability.

So welcome to Denver, Jimmy. Don’t hang out with any Nuggets just yet, that’s a quick way to make the police blotter or worse. Just get to one of the dozens of minicamp OTAs between now and Labor Day and find yourself a spot on that big ol’ D-Line.

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