Winners and losers as Broncos suffer another crushing loss

The Denver Broncos have dropped to 1-4 following a 31-21 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. There are a couple of winners and a whole bunch of losers (though I'm keeping that list short) for this game.

New York Jets v Denver Broncos
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Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos
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Loser: Mike McGlinchey

No wonder the San Francisco 49ers were so quick to move on from Mike McGlinchey, a player the Broncos gave a massive contract to this offseason and it looks like the team still hasn't gotten the right tackle position right.

McGlinchey has been quite terrible in his short tenure in Denver and he has been unable to hold up in pass protection. The Broncos are going to have to keep trotting him out there to justify the money that he is making, but it's likely only going to get worse for him.

Loser: Courtland Sutton

Where was Courtland Sutton in this game? He was almost completely left off of the box score until he caught one pass for 13 yards late in the fourth quarter. Was he facing lock down defense all game? That seems hard to believe when the Jets were missing their top two cornerbacks coming in.

You could put the entire receiving corps into this category as wide receivers caught a total of nine passes in this game. For comparison, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase caught 15 passes in a game all by himself on Sunday.

Wilson is holding onto the ball way too long. It has been a recipe for disaster and has led to many turnovers and negative plays. It's one of the biggest knocks on Russ, but it's happening largely in part to his receivers not being able to get open.

Russ is either not getting the protection he needs, or he's not fully confident in his wide receivers as his passes go to a running back or tight end at least as often, if not more than they go to wide receivers.