Why Dak Prescott could still be an option for the Denver Broncos in 2025

Even though the Bo Nix era hasn't officially started yet, could Dak Prescott, of all players, be on the Denver Broncos radar?
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos must get the QB situation fixed under all circumstances, and while there is hope with Bo Nix, there is no guarantee. Roll your eyes all you want, but the scenario is possible until it isn't. The consensus on Bo Nix seemed to be that of a late-first or early second-round pick.

Well, Denver took him early in the first round, and Sean Payton has been speaking very highly of his new QB. It was a bold move to take Nix that high, but what if the consensus folks were right? What if the Denver Broncos did overdraft Nix? It's possible, and while Bo Nix can develop into a top starter, there is always the chance that he doesn't, and is a bust.

Depending on how the 2024 NFL Season goes for Bo Nix and the Denver Broncos, Payton might not want to wait around any longer. If Nix doesn't show enough during his rookie season and Denver perhaps finishes with six or seven wins, would it make sense for Payton to run it back with Nix as his starter?

It might not make sense, but that's why I say it depends.

If Nix shuts the door on any debate, the Broncos are in great shape for the long-term. If Nix struggles or doesn't show enough, Sean Payton, who has built a Hall of Fame career as a head coach in the NFL, might not want to risk harming his legacy anymore and could pivot to an already-established QB in Dak Prescott, who is slated to hit the free agency market in 2025.

Prescott is due for an extension from the Dallas Cowboys, but there is no extension to be found. You have to wonder if Jerry Jones and the Cowboys front office want to see how it goes in 2024 before extending Prescott, which could approach $60 million per season. I don't think it's out of the question to see the efficient QB hit the free agent market.

And when you consider the Broncos are projected to currently have over $38 million in cap space in 2025, they will have room to chase Prescott and offer him a huge deal. Here's the thing - Denver may be in an extremely urgent situation in 2025 to fix the QB position. You'd be looking at Sean Payton heading into his third year with the Denver Broncos with no QB solution in sight.

So the urgency alone may be enough for Denver to dump Nix and pursue Dak Prescott. I am sure that is something the team has already considered.