Who are the worst quarterbacks the Broncos will face in the 2023 season?

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4. Justin Fields

Many are looking at Justin Fields as being a potential breakout candidate in 2023, and I would not be surprised if that is indeed the case. At the moment, though, Fields is not a good passer and is more of a runner. He did develop as a passer in year two and also rushed for over 1,000 yards, which is very impressive.

He's got a solid core of players to use in the passing game now and an improved offensive line. However, he never threw for more than 254 yards in 2022 and had just one three passing touchdown game.

Again, he can surely develop even further in year three, but this is not someone that the Broncos should fear. He takes a lot of sacks, much like Russell Wilson, and hasn't shown the ability to be an efficient passer in the NFL.

Who are the worst quarterbacks Denver will face in the 2023 season
3. CJ Stroud/Davis Mills

My guess is that CJ Stroud is going to end up being the starter for most of the 2023 season, but that isn't a guarantee. Either way, this should not be a tough QB matchup. Davis Mills played well in his rookie season but regressed a bit in year two and isn't much more than a high quality backup.

And historically, rookie QBs in the NFL aren't the most efficient. The Broncos do play this game at the Texans' stadium, but with a shaky offensive line and what could be a very good Broncos' pass rush, this could be an easy takeover for the Broncos defense.