Which teams remaining on Broncos' schedule can blow them out?

The Denver Broncos still have some tough remaining games on their 2023 schedule. Which teams can truly blow this team out?

Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Denver Broncos might not be done being embarrassed. I think there are at least three games remaining on their 2023 schedule that can go south, fast. The team does have some winnable games on their schedule, especially after their bye week. Matchups against teams like the Packers, Vikings, Texans, Chargers, Patriots, and Raiders can all go the Broncos' way.

Fortunately, Denver is not the only bad team in the NFL, and if the defense can regress to the mean as the season progresses, the team might be able to scrap together a few more wins. Depending on who you ask, Denver winning games is a bad thing since they are in striking distance of earning the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, which all but guarantees USC quarterback Caleb Williams.

Anyway, let's look at three games remaining on the Broncos' schedule that the team can get blown out in.

Which teams remaining on Broncos' schedule can blow them out?
Week 10 at Buffalo Bills

Oh boy. The Denver Broncos travel east to face the Buffalo Bills in Week 10, which would be the first game after their bye week. I do think to an extent, this game is very winnable, especially if the defense can slowly but surely put it together more and more each week and if the Bills have one of their bad games.

The Bills have this issue where a few times a year, they either get totally embarrassed or just do not play nearly as good as they should. On Monday Night Football this past week, Buffalo struggled to beat arguably the worst team in the NFL at home in the New York Giants.

The Giants were starting deck furniture and lawn chairs along their offensive line and Buffalo just did not play well at all. Perhaps Denver can play spoiler this week? Well, if Buffalo is at their best, they are the best team in the NFL, by far. And I'm afraid if that Bills' team shows up, Denver gets blown out on live television.