Where the remaining quarterbacks on the Broncos' schedule size up

The Denver Broncos will face a mixed bag of NFL quarterbacks in their remaining 2023 regular-season games.

Detroit Lions v Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions v Denver Broncos / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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First three out: Jared Goff

This is not the same Jared Goff or Lions team that the Broncos faced just a few years back and blew out at home. Goff and the Lions just might be the best team in the NFC.

Goff has meshed incredibly well with Dan Campbell and the new Lions staff, and has helped lead an offense that is explosive, forward thinking, dynamic, and can hit you from just about any angle. They block well, throw well, catch well, and run well. They have multiple legitimate pieces both in the backfield and out wide and just when you thought they would feel the impact of trading TJ Hockenson to the Vikings, rookie Sam LaPorta has already become one of the better tight ends in football.

Goff is in a great situation, is playing very well, and nothing is wrong in Lions land for the most part. Goff is going to be a challenge for the Broncos.