Where does Randy Gregory fit among the five worst free-agent signings in Broncos history?

The Broncos got next to nothing out of Randy Gregory, the prize signing of their 2022 free-agent class. Following his release, we see where he fits in among the worst signings in team history.

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Worst free-agent signings in Denver Broncos history
No. 2: Daryl Gardener, 2003

For quite some time, this wasn't just one of the worst free-agent signings in Broncos history, it was one of the worst in NFL history. Though it happened 20 years ago, it can't be overlooked on this list and if this is still No. 1 on your personal list, I won't argue with you too much.

Daryl Gardener was a first-round pick of the Dolphins in 1996 and after six seasons there, he played for one season in Washington. That was when the Broncos decided he was going to be their big free-agent acquisition in 2003.

Gardener played in just five games for the Broncos but it was his actions off the field that made it such a bad deal for the team.

He broke his wrist in a fight at a restaurant and then on two separate occasions was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. One of those incidents was for going on a radio show and negatively talking about head coach Mike Shanahan.

He was disinterested and destructive and it turned out to be a horrible move for the team. Gardener was released by the team shortly after the two sides agreed on seven-year, $35 million deal. He never played in the NFL again, despite a short stint with the Cincinnati Bengals following his release.

He held the top spot on this list until...