Where does PFF rank Denver Broncos offensive players in 2023?

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Wide Receiver

The most shocking piece out of the offensive positional player rankings is the Denver Broncos not having one wide receiver ranked inside the top 32.

N/A. player. 45. PFF WR Ranking. Wide Receiver. 10. Jerry Jeudy. Jerry Jeudy. .

N/A. PFF WR Ranking. . . Courtland Sutton. Courtland Sutton. player. 45. Wide Receiver. 14

The reasoning behind this is unclear yet bizarre. Some of the players ranked on the list don't even have better numbers than Jerry Jeudy or Courtland Sutton.

Sutton didn't perform well last year and is expected to have a bounce-back season under Payton. There can be an argument made that he isn't one of the 32 best wide receivers (very debatable), so I understand how this is the case.

It's absurd that Jeudy is not ranked inside the top 20, let alone one of the 32 best wide receivers. They have players like Chris Olave, Christian Kirk, Michael Pittman Jr, Mike Williams, Brandin Cooks, Diontae Johnson, and more ranked better than Jeudy.

Jeudy led ALL wide receivers in yards per route run against man coverage with 4.14 Y/RR. He also was at the top of the list in a lot of advanced statistics this year, which shows how great he was this past year.