Where does PFF rank Denver Broncos offensive players in 2023?

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Ranking season is upon us as Pro Football Focus (PFF) are releasing their positional player rankings for the offense.

Surprisingly enough, PFF has ranked a few Broncos players in some of the positional player rankings. They also left out Denver in one of the positional player rankings on the offensive side of the ball.

Before we take a deeper look into where the players rank, it's important to note to take these rankings with a grain of salt. PFF has a grading system that has been inconsistent (at times) but it gives you a baseline on how the players have played and how they rank. Besides their grading system, the advanced statistics and data they provide are insightful to many football fans.

Without further explanation, let's check in on PFF's rankings on the offensive side of the ball to see where some Broncos stars stand.


Russell Wilson had the worst season of his career last year, and fans should expect the quarterback not to be ranked in the top ten. PFF took matters into their own hands and ranked the former Super Bowl Champion in a spot no one saw coming.

. Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson. 20. player. . Quarterback. 3. 45. PFF QB Rankings

Wilson ranks as the 20th-best quarterback in the league, according to PFF. Quarterbacks ranked better than him are Ryan Tannehill, Justin Fields, Daniel Jones, Jared Goff, Geno Smith, and 14 more.

Wilson has had a great off-season so far, as he has lost some weight and looks good. He appears to be in great shape and plans to return to his older self. While last year was a disaster with Nathaniel Hackett and the offense, Wilson is on the brink of a comeback year.

There is no doubt that Sean Payton will have Wilson improve from last year. The offensive mastermind has had great success in his tenure with the New Orleans Saints and will look to get Wilson back on track.

Wilson was graded poorly in a few of the categories in PFF's grading system, which is one of the main reasons why he is ranked at 20. If the Broncos are going to have any success this year, Wilson will have to play better than his current "ranking," and most people in Denver believe he will.