What if Russell Wilson ends up being here for the long-term?

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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While many in Broncos Country are already prepared to turn the page on the Russell Wilson era, how will the team look if he ends up sticking around for the long term? This is a conversation worth having. I was seeing some on social media advocate for the Broncos to move on from Wilson after this season, which would have been nearly impossible to do.

Now, my gut tells me that the common opinion held among people is that the Broncos are likely going to cut ties with the veteran QB after this season because he's past his prime and the financial impact is much more digestible than if they were cutting him this offseason.

But, what if that isn't the case? In fact, what if Wilson rebounds this year and continues to play well into his late-30s? What if Denver doesn't have a reason to move on from him?

It's a conversation worth having. I think the team got it right by trading for former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton. He's proven to be an elite offensive mind and is one of the best offensive minds of this generation.

Since becoming a head coach in 2006, Payton had just one year where his scoring offense ranked below 12th in the NFL, and that was the 2021 season, where the Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill-quarterbacked Saints ranked 19th in points scored. However, while the offense ranked in the bottom half of the NFL, the defense was 4th in points allowed.

Through the years of Payton's tenure, it's clear that he was consistently able to construct elite scoring offenses. He mainly had the privilege of working with Drew Brees, but Wilson is the better QB talent.

Furthermore, it's clear that the Broncos are establishing an identity for their offense in 2023. Between them signing two reinforcements along the offensive line who happen to be elite run blockers, and signing an excellent blocking tight end and a tough runner at running back, Denver seems to want to be a run-first team.

If they can effectively establish the run, that'll open up the passing game with play action.

My gosh, I wonder what offensive philosophy Russell Wilson played in for a decade in Seattle?

Sean Payton is going to be able to field competent offenses in Denver, and I think the blueprint is there for Russell Wilson to return to his elite and efficient passing days that he enjoyed in Seattle. If Wilson could string together a couple of strong seasons, much like he did as a Seahawk, Denver may not have a reason to move on from him, regardless of age.

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