What are the best and worst position groups on the 2024 Denver Broncos roster?

Which position group is the best? Which is the worst?
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos do have some talented position groups on their roster, but which is the best? Conversely, which is the worst? Denver's roster is largely seen as pretty weak across the NFL, but I just do not buy that notion. The Broncos have made significant strides with their roster this offseason, and it's certainly not a bad one.

The 2023 Houston Texans were getting similar treatment last offseason, and look what happened. I'm not saying that Denver is about to win 10 games and make the postseason, but it's hard to not be high on this team heading into the new league year. Well, of all the position groups on the team's roster, which is the best?

And which is the worst?

The best position group is the offensive line...

Pretty cut and dry for me; the Denver Broncos offensive line is as solid as they come, and even though the team lost Lloyd Cushenberry in free agency this offseason, the unit on paper is among the better ones in the NFL. All of Garett Bolles, Ben Powers, Quinn Meinerz, and Mike McGlinchey are solid at their respective jobs, and it's Meinerz who is the best player in this unit.

Not many other teams can say that they have four strong on the OL like the Denver Broncos do. Don't let the sacks fool you, as Russell Wilson took a lot in 2023, but that's just the type of player he has always been. Denver's offensive line was quite good if you look beyond Wilson's sack totals and watch the film.

The worst position group is the tight ends...

I'm not sure this is close, actually. Denver may have the worst room of TEs in the entire NFL. The top three heading into the 2024 NFL Season appear to be Adam Trautman, Greg Dulcich, and Lucas Krull. Now yes, the ceiling here with Dulcich and Krull could actually be quite high, so maybe that's what Sean Payton and the coaching staff is banking on here. However, right now, the unit is flat-out bad and a huge negative on this roster.

Denver did have a chance to add a TE or two in free agency, but they simply re-signed Trautman. Maybe Sean Payton has a plan for this room or maybe he feels that Dulcich or Krull (or both!) could end up being huge performers.

It's good that the TE spot isn't a life or death situation here. There are several more important positions on the roster, so Denver having a weaker TE room should not at all put a dagger in this season.