What are the 3 best moves of the Denver Broncos' offseason?

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What are the three best moves of the Denver Broncos' offseason?
1. Trading for Sean Payton

I think no matter who Denver would have signed, there was no better move from them than trading for a future Hall of Fame coach in Sean Payton. He's won over 150 games in the NFL at a better than 60% tick and averages 11 wins per 17-game season.

He brings one of the best offensive minds of this generation and a nearly two-decade track record of success as a head coach.

Payton has also established an offensive identity that wasn't present in 2022. The team signed two excellent run-blocking offensive linemen. They signed an excellent blocking tight end and signed a tough runner in Samaje Perine.

The Broncos appear to be heading towards a run-first, play-action type of offense, and I think having a clear identity will do nothing but help them in 2023. I personally could not care less about the draft capital that Denver gave up to make this trade. Good coaching doesn't have a price, and Denver finally has it.

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